Green is the color of Summer in Chennai 😊 by Shoba S R (Our Customer)

The aromas of different types of mangoes remind you that summer is here.
But before these ripe mangoes mark their attendance, the tiny tender green mangoes mark the arrival of summer.

Nothing evokes summer better than these bright green tender baby mangoes which are just inviting us to prepare Vadu Mangai or Maavadu – a popular South Indian pickle prepared in many house holds. These tender mangoes fall from trees and at times are plucked from trees and make one of the best aromatic pickles and are a favourite in many a South Indian household.
Vadu mangai is not just ‘tender mango’, but symbolic of the nostalgia of long vacations, hot summers, cool thayir sadham (curd rice) accompanied by aromatic pickle. Vadu mangai is prepared using Salt, mustard and chillies.

Keep calm and eat Thayir sadham!
Attain nirvana by eating thayir sadham with Vadu manga😇

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