August 2, 2019


A creativity spurt is the reason behind this design. Our minds are full of art whether we realise it or not. The minute you like something, you begin beautifying it in your head. Colours start splashing and then fitting in and shapes take form simultaneously. Before you know it, you […]
July 27, 2019

It’s Namma Auto! 

There’s nothing about autos that we don’t like. Especially Namma Chennai autos. The auto rickshaw is the pride of Chennaiites and the joy of most auto drivers. It goes where no human can ever go. It is often steered like you could quote ‘Bend it like Beckham’. It bolts forward […]
July 19, 2019

Kaapi that

That was a PJ (poor joke) but it would work amongst gregarious coffee-lovers. Coffee always works. Correction- ‘kaapi’, always works. The aromatic South Indian filter coffee made with a typical method across scores of households. Buy the freshly-ground coffee powder, deposit big tablespoons of the powder into a stainless steel […]
July 4, 2019

A Celebrity – Chennaitie Special!

The day began like any other ordinary day. The sun rose, Chennai warmed up. Then, it really heated up, and the usual weather complaints commenced. Until a friendly customer gave us a heads up and shared a happening boomerang from the insta handle of one of our best stand up […]